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Spring Cleaning

Setting Up Good Habits So You Can Relax and Enjoy the Moment

The angle of the sun was such this morning that I could see it rise through my glass kitchen door over the ancient oak trees in the woods next to my house. What a way to start the day.

It reminded me that winter has ended and spring is at hand.

There is the feeling in the air of new beginnings, starting over, out with the old and in with the new, clearing the clutter, getting rid of the baggage.

Spring cleaning is not just for the house. When spring arrives we all feel the need to give our mental, emotional and spiritual lives an overhaul.

We feel the need to pare down and simplify, to de-stress our lives.

The way to do that and so live with more ease is to set up good habits and make them part of your routine. In this way they become an integral part of your life and you do them without even thinking - a bit like setting up a direct debit at the bank.

This is the way I have found that I can work long-term on attracting good stuff through the Law of Attraction (Google: Esther Hicks) whilst relaxing, enjoying the moment and 'Loving What Is' (Google: Byron Katie).

Just concentrate on doing a little each day to reach your goals and dreams. You can't reach your goals from one day to the next, but you can by setting up the habits you need to get there and doing a little a day.
Remember, it was the tortoise that won the race.

Think of it this way - make what you do today a gift to your future self. Do something today, or give a little bit extra, that will have you saying thank you to yourself in a week or a month's time.

If your dream is to be a writer, you don't need to wait until your novel is published and on the shelves of the book shop to be able to call yourself a writer. A writer is one who sits for 15 minutes/ half an hour each day and writes, practising, preparing herself for all the wonderful writing opportunities that lie ahead.

If your goal is to create an emergency savings account (Google: Suze Orman) that will cover 8 months of expenses if your income suddenly drops for any unforseen reason then set up a direct debit from your current (checking) account into your savings on the day that your salary enters your account. The first person you should pay in any month is yourself. We always find the money for the things that we have to pay. Why make your savings last on the list and wait to see what money is left at the month's end? Trust me, there won't be any left. But if you make it your first monthly payment other luxury items will go by the wayside and, with your new-found financial serenity, you will never even miss them. Now you're on your way to a secure and lasting financial foundation for you and your loved ones.

If your intention is to lose weight then think about healthy eating habits. Think of your favourite healthy things to eat and incorporate them into your day. For example, you might love a healthy salad with nuts and seeds and a little dressing - so make that your lunch and think about all the vitimins and nutrients your body will be getting every day. Maybe you just love wholesome granary bread, so make that your breakfast with a little butter and healthy spread and enjoy it. What else do you love? fresh fruits with yogurt and a little muesli? corn flakes and milk? vegetable sticks with tehina paste and olive oil? crackers and cheese with olives and tomatoes? a cup of hot vegetable soup? You decide. Make your own menu and enjoy it. Love your food and enjoy eating but always try and think about how the food you put in your mouth is benefitting your body.  And create a time when you can eat the cakes, puddings or chocolates that you love - late afternoon when you've already made sure you've eaten the healthy, beneficial stuff or on friday night or at the weekend. Whatever suits you best.

Once these habits are in place you can relax knowing that you are on the right path. And if you come off the rails you can rest assured that you can always find your way back by following your Master Plan.

Trust that you know how to get there one day at a time. You need never feel helpless again.

And the greatest gift of getting your life in order is that you can stop worrying, knowing that you're doing all you can JUST FOR TODAY.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Tao Te Ching

Start making the steps today that lead where you want to go.
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