Financial Serenity

If you are an at-home mum trying to met the challenge of living off one salary, or even if you're working but still finding it hard with all the child care costs to make ends meet, you need to reach out for some financial serenity.

Financial Security

Financial security is a great thing to have - a nice umbrella of savings for those 'rainy days'. Suze Orman recommends having 8 months worth of expenses behind you to tie you over if unseen circumstances mean that your income suddenly drops. Once you've done that then you can start saving for a sunny day.

But like most families with young children, and particularly if you have recently bought a house in which to house those children, and a car to drive those children around, and activities to enrich the lives of those may find that you are having to dip into those funds just to get by in what must be the most expensive period in your life.

Financial Serenity

Financial serenity is two-fold.

1/ Blessing your money.

  • Begin by blessing your current circumstances, whatever they are.

  • Look around your life, your family, your house at all that you have remembering that you are amongst the small percentage of the world that has a roof over your head, food on the table and education for your children, not to mention the car, the wardrobe, the mobile, the i-pod, the jewels...

  • Allow an attitude of gratitude to pervade your perception. How rich we all are.

  • Notice the money miracle that occurs every time you are in a tight spot financially and 'somehow' manage to find your way out of it - but only every time.

  • When you receive some money say 'thank you' to the true source of all our abundance.

2/ Healing your relationship with money.

  • Begin by being honest with yourself about your present financial standing. Do not allow fear to prevent you from taking a clear look at your bank balance, your income and your expenses.

  • Spend less that you earn - Money is not empowered by wishful thinking or acting “as if.” Acting as if you already have the money to pay for the things that you want when in actuality you do not, is one way to get yourself quickly in debt. This is how credit card companies work and what led to the Credit Crunch. One way in which acting 'as if' with money does work is acting 'as if' you are rich emotionally, and this is what gratitude does for us. If we are grateful and appreciate all that we have - (good mantra: 'I want what I have') - then we feel blessed and contented, what we have is enough, and our outer circumstances rise up to meet that higher vibration.

  • Do what you need to do to either lower your expenses, raise your income or both

  • There is a force in the world that gives us what we need. Trust it.

  • Visualize yourself sitting serenely at your desk every month, and gratefully paying the bills for all the wonderful facilities you get to use, saying a 'thank you' in your heart for the people who work hard to allow you your (relatively) luxurious lifestyle.

  • Consider giving away a percentage of your income each month to a charity or some other source of spiritual inspiration. The traditional act of tithing dictates giving away 10%, but if this is not possible for you at this time consider this. Money is energy and you are its steward. How will you spend that which is given you and pass it on in a mindful way for the good of all?

"God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference."

May you be prepared for those inevitable financial hiccups that you wish you could change but cannot, be courageous in the face of challenges where action is called for and smart enough to know that whatever the circumstance: All is Well.

Affirmations to help raise your Financial Vibration

(Based on the work of Esther Hicks - to be read through from beginning to end)

  • I'm not doing badly

  • I actually do live very well

  • I have a sense of pride about the things I've accomplished

  • I've made good decisions

  • If I look at the overall picture, I realize it has been steadily improving

  • When I look how far I've come, I see tremendous improvement

  • I'll figure this out. I'm actually quite good at figuring things out

  • I'm standing by for inspiration

  • Meanwhile, I'm doing alright

  • It's actually quite pleasant to anticipate expansion

  • Sometimes I get a sense of a very bright future

  • I have so muhc life and opportunity ahead of me

  • It will be fun to watch this all play out

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  1. This is a great towards money for everyone (I'm not a stay-at-home Mum, but a part time stay-at-home Dad!). I especially like the gratitude part.

    I also try to be conscious about giving (or 'spending' depending on your view point) money and treat the exchange of money as gratitude for what I'm receiving in return. The other way around and I receive money as gratitude for something I've done.