A Tribute to Mothers

To my Mum with love, respect and gratitude.

Does your mother really love you? I used to wonder as I was growing up. But now I'm a mum I know better. I know how we try so hard to be everything to our kids because we love them so much, and how they don't always see it; how things get misunderstood; how our frustrations and negative emotions often get in the way.

Maybe your mother didn't know how to express love. Maybe your mother had her own issues to deal with too. God forbid she may be human!

So many people suffer because they believe the thought "My mother doesn't love me", or "My mother didn't love me". I ask you to question that thought, and with this article I offer you a new thought, a new belief. Hopefully a less stressful and painful one.

  • Our mothers carry us for 9 months. They suffer morning sickness, cramps, swollen feet... They are careful what they eat so that we will be healthy and whole.

  • Our mothers endure the pain of childbirth so that we can come through them into this world and have Life.

  • Our mothers nurture us at their breasts, giving us sustenance from their own blood, or else they use their money to buy us formula with all the nutrients we need to survive and thrive.

  • Our mothers run around tirelessly after us for months on end while we are toddlers.

  • Our mothers encourage us as we try to get up and walk, and dry our eyes when we fall.

  • Our mothers change our nappies again and again so that we will be dry and comfortable.

  • Our mothers wash our clothes, buy and mend them, so that we will be clean and tidy.

  • Our mothers make us meals; plan the meal, buy the food and cook it, so that we will be well-fed and satisfied.
All of this we never asked for, but were given anyway.

Like the sun, our mothers give and ask for nothing in return.
  • Our mothers invite our friends into our house that we can experience friendship.

  • Our mothers give us a place of our own, that we can have comfort, privacy and a space to grow.

  • Our mothers give us pocket money that we may learn the value of money and know abundance.

  • Our mothers show us through their human imperfections, in the ways we perceive them to be unloving, how to be more loving ourselves, giving us the oppportunity to grow and to learn to love ourselves in the ways we desire.

  • Our mothers show us , particularly in the teenage years, how we are different from them and in what ways we want to do things differently.

  • Our mothers let us make mistakes knowing that we can handle it and that it will make us strong.
Our mothers are not divine or super-human. They are just human beings who have taken on the role of mothering; of nurturing another's well-being. How selfless and loving is that?!
(written on the occasion of my Granny B-B's 100th birthday)
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