Wealth vs. Spirituality

"If all ethical people think money is bad, who is going to get the money?" - Charles Faulkner

How do you integrate your spiritual beliefs with your need to make a living and your desire for more than just 'getting by'.

For there is no virtue in feeling poor, that there is never enough, in feeling sorry for yourself.

There is no virtue in struggling to pay the bills.

There is no virtue in not being able to sign your son up for the local after-school activity that all his friends go to.

There is no virtue in not being able to support your neighbour's new business enterprise, or being able to give your custom to the new shop that a local mother has opened in the neighbourhood.

There is no virtue in missing out on great experiences for you and your family.

If you don't have enough money how can you share it and help others?

It is like the emergency instructions when flying on an aeroplane - a great analogy for us mothers who love to give too much and leave outselves with little or nothing - first you give yourself the oxygen so that you are then in a position to give it to others.

Many of you were brought up to believe that wanting great wealth or making a lot of money does not go hand-in-hand with living a moral, spiritual life. Somehow you believe that you have to live on little, manage with what you have, that you must be happy with your lot. You believe that money is evil and wanting it is greedy. Money will make you selfish you think and will attract problems. Maybe you think that rich people are snobs. These are the limiting beliefs that prevent many from achieving financial success.

If you are one of these people, then this article will act as a powerful tool to help you get your head around this seeming dychotomy and get rid of those mental blocks that come between you and the wealth that you truly desire.

There are spiritual lessons to be learned from being frugal but there are also spiritual lessons to be learned in experiencing the 'wealthy you'. Are you ready for some new lessons?

The universal law of attraction states that you have in your life what you believe is possible for you or what you think you deserve. This article will help you jumpstart your new wealth thinking patterns. Your thoughts are powerful.

So here it is:
  • You are a spiritual being having a physical experience on earth to live, do and enjoy things through the physical plane and as such you are meant to enjoy the wonderful, physical joys of life: all that you can taste, see, hear, smell and touch (delicious food, soul-stirring music, beautiful artwork, the finest materials, luxurious perfumes...).

  • Life (Spirit/God/The Creator/Source/Consciousness/The Universe)wants to live all that is possible in you.

  • Life wants you to have all you need to live an abundant life.

  • Life wants to live, do and enjoy things through your humanity.

  • Life needs hands to build, to make music and to paint
  • Life needs eyes to see the beauties of the world.

  • Life needs tongues to sing and ears to hear.

  • Life wants you to have the best of everything so that you can express Spirit through your talents in the best way possible.
  • Life wants you to surround yourself with all the beautiful things that have been created by Spirit through man.

  • Life wants you to be able to travel and enjoy this wondrous world...
Remember: Money = Possibility

There is nothing spiritual about poverty and lack. Spirit desires your prosperity and affluence.

Inner and Outer Wealth

Being wealthy is more than just having a six-digit figure in your savings account. You could have a million dollars in the bank, but be lonely in your private life, depressed in your emotional life and mean in your spiritual life.

True wealth is about being abundant physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as financially. Inner wealth is the feeling of having plenty; plenty of time and plenty of peace of mind. It's the feeling of being lucky; of having a lot to be grateful for.

Inner wealth is the feeling that you imagine you would have if you had the outer wealth; the feeling of freedom to chase your dreams and work on your personal growth, to help others and be an inspiration; the feeling of joy and limitless possibility everyday; the feeling of gratitude, that life is really good and that the universe supports you.

Why not start to foster these great feelings right now even without the outer wealth, for inner wealth is your birthright and it begins and ends with your frame of mind. Then, who knows, maybe by the law of attraction the outer wealth will start to come to you as your outer world rushes to match your inner vibration.

The cycle of giving.
If you have trouble thinking that you are a worthy recipient of great wealth then you can ask yourself the question 'How can I make money for other people?'.
The ancient wealth principle 'tithing' is taking some of what you earn each month (often 10%) and giving it to a charity or in some way passing it on to benefit another. In this way you affirm abundance, that you have more than you need, and you continue the cycle of wealth in your life. Another way to incorporate this practise in your life is to ask yourself 'how will I use my money to advance the expression of Spirit in the world?', and then give a donation to an up-and-coming artist that you like, or to a charity that does the work of Spirit here on earth, or to some other source that lifts and inspires you.
It is a blessing to give but it is also a blessing to receive with a grateful heart. For in our receiving we are allowing the cycle of giving
Passing It On
I know I don't need to tell you as a mother that when you do something for yourself you are doing it for your children too.
As you begin to enter the wealth mindset you will be acting as a strong role model for your kids. Show them what human consciousness is at this time beginning to realise - that spirituality and wealth go together hand-in-hand and are directly linked.

Teach your children that there are no limits - only those you hold in your minds and believe in your hearts.
Below are some sentences for you to use regularly to align your beliefs with your new wealth consciousness. Write them down or print them and place them where you will see them regularly.

  • I am ready to experience the wealthy me
  • I am in touch with my wealth consciousness

  • I use my wealth for the highest good of all

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

  • I deserve to prosper and be affluent

  • I affirm abundance and give generously

  • I am wealthy inside and out
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  1. Hi Becca,
    I picked up on your article via Modern Families Blog Carnival (as a fellow submitter). It made me think of a saying I came across years ago: It is as easy to feel pride in poverty as it is in wealth. I don't know who said it, but it's always been a reminder to me to live abundantly.

  2. Thanks for that comment, Mel.

    Any comments on my site make my day!

  3. hi Becca,

    Really worth to read your article, you explain True wealth simply thanks a lot

  4. I really appreciate this sort of feedback, Karthi. We in the western world are really so wealthy already, it's good to remember the true meaning of wealth now and then.

  5. wow! this article was so good! thanks for sharing this to us. And alway remembe! Money = Possibility!
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