Walking as Meditation

Need to have a few minutes where everything just stops?

Kids don't give you a moment's peace?

There is a simple way to recharge batteries and begin to feel again that inner glow.

Pop your little one in her buggy and stride out into nature!
  • In Nature your child is entertained while you can yet again bring your focus back to the present moment and lift your head to see the wider view. Like any meditation, walking will bring you into the now as you start to notice the breeze, the birds, your breath...
  • Walking in Nature will start your creative juices flowing. Inspirational ideas will come, whether it's what to cook for supper, a fun art project with your child, the first line of your bestseller, or an idea for a web site. Blog ideas, book ideas, business ideas, ideas of what the children need from you - they'll all start flooding in. If possible take a pen and paper with you on your walk to write down the ideas that come. At home write them in book of thoughts to keep for that magical day when you will have the time to begin turning those thoughts into actions.
  • While walking, once the chatter and the voices in the head quieten down you will begin to hear a different voice after a while, the true voice underneath all the day's noise. This is your authentic voice calling you and you will begin to feel more alive and connected than ever.
Have a good trip!
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