Inspiring your Children

Although we would like to think that we inspire our children with our words of wisdom and smart tips through our hard-earned insight and understanding, the truth is that they have within them a more powerful source of guidance and wisdom than we could ever offer them.

In truth, inspiring our children means to act as a role model for being connected to that source of guidance and wisdom inherent within ourselves. It means showing them what it means to be in connection with our own Inner Being, or ‘with the spirit’, as the world literally means (‘in spirito’).

So many times we look at our children's behaviour and surmise that something is wrong, that we need to do something to fix it. We fear for our child's well-being and future. We are sad that things can't be easier for them. We are angry that after years of hard work this behaviour is the outcome.

The Importance of Connection

All bad feelings arise from not being connected to Source.

Our children feel bad when they are not connected and then act out in ways that we do not like. We then react badly to their acting out because we also are not connected to Source and therefore we too feel bad.

Any action of ours that we will take concerning our child from this place of negative emotion, from fear, sadness and anger, can never bring about positive results.
If we want to help in any way we must act from a place of connection to our Inner Being, to our True Self.

It could even be said that our connection to Source Energy is more important than our relationship with our child.

This Source Energy is what we commonly refer to as Love, and maintaining our connection to Source regardless of what is going on around us, no matter what is going on with your child, is the true meaning of Unconditional Love.

Too often we don't allow our children to choose, laying out guidelines and rules and carefully watching them to make sure they do as we say. But when we allow our children to make their own choices from a place of connection and trust within us, they will begin to notice in us a new light-heartedness and sense of joy, a sort of allowing and flowing with what is.

They will see that you have tapped into something good and will want to follow suit. You will begin to model to them how to get in touch with their own inner guidance, to connect with that source of energy and love that they have within themselves, to be guided by their own lights and inner guide.
"Nothing can fill the void caused by disconnection with your own Inner Being
other than reconnection with it; and once you have discovered the wonderful
experience of managing your own Connection with Source, then you can encourage
the same in your children." - Esther Hicks, The Astonishing Power of Emotions.
Achieving connection and light-heartedness

The quickest way to plug back into Source Energy is to reach for better-feeling thoughts about the situation at hand. When your thoughts become more positive you are finally able to release resistance and come into alignment with who you really are.

Whatever is going on with your child try to reach for a more stress-free thought about them and their situation. Some examples might be:
  • ‘My child is just trying to get my attention.
  • ‘My child has a different point of view to mine and that's ok.’
  • ‘My child has her own reasons for doing what she does. I don't always need to know them.’
  • ‘My child’s really not doing too badly.’
  • ‘My child usually makes pretty good decisions.’
  • ‘I’m actually quite proud of how my child is growing and becoming independent.’
  • ‘My child doesn't trust me because I have not always acted from a place of connection. I can change that.’
  • ‘I love that my child challenges me to grow myself.’
  • ‘My child’s pretty good at sorting out his own problems.’
  • ‘My child is strong and smart. I trust him to sort this out by himself. He’s always sorted things out fine in the past.’
  • ‘It’s quite inspiring how my child successfully steers his way through the river of his life.’
  • ‘It’s going to be fun allowing him to make his own choices and watching where it takes us both.’
The minute you switch your thinking from negative and fearful to open and positive you align with your True Self, with Who-You-Really-Are and you are able to see clearly that all is as it should be. Now you can see the best in your child.

Sweet Inspiration
With such a strong role model it is easy for your child to align with who she really is. Just reach for the thought that brings release and relief from your present dilemma.
It really is that simple. We are so used to having to do more, to make more effort, to be seen to be busy, but the path to success with our children really is the path of least resistance.
Life really is meant to feel good, to flow and be effortless.
Life in general and parenting in particular were never meant to be a struggle.

When they are young, our children are a source of endless inspiration to us weary mothers.
Let's begin to return them the favour one positive thought at time...
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