How to teach your kids about abundance while living frugally

Abundance and frugality are, on the face of it, in opposition with one another. So how do you live on a budget whilst also teaching your children about abundance?

First you need to get your head around the idea that
wealth and spirituality go together and are a part of personal development. Money is a fun growth experience.

Ok - so you're telling your kids that there are no limits, only those we place in our minds. But there are things they want to have, activities they want to do, and it would be a financial challenge to give them it all at once.

Here's a few things to keep in mind that will help and guide your thinking, as you help and guide your child:
1/ Financial abundance means that there is always enough for everyone. There is enough money for everyone in the world - if we don't waste it and share. Money is a resource just like any other - water, electricity, wood, gas... So you need to learn to preserve it, which means prioritizing.

2/ Kids need to learn limits with money as with everything else. Even if you can afford everything they desire, you as parents still need to be teaching:
  • Appreciation and Value (when they have to wait for something it means more and their enjoyment is greater)
  • Balance (money and things have their place in a balanced life and are not given more importance than they intrinsically have)
  • Self-Reliance (looking within to their source of creativity and resourcefulness for solutions - an excellent way to nurture self-esteem)
  • Discernment (the way you use your money must be age-appropriate as well as being suitable to the individual characteristics and strengths of your child. They need the opportunity to prioritise and learn what's really important to them in life as individuals - a great way to foster self-learning and self-awareness)
This type of learning for your children is worth more than the latest computer game (although your child will not think so at the time!)
3/ You and your child are receiving money-making ideas all the time. So why not start to act on them. Money doesn't just appear you need to create it by offering something of value to the world.

4/ If your kids want something and it's not possible now it doesn't mean 'not at all'. 'No' doesn't mean giving up, it means that they may have to entertain other options.
  • Patience - your child has sown the seed in asking or desiring something. Now, according to the law of attraction, she needs to tend the idea and wait patiently for the 'shoots' to manifest.
  • Getting creative - as above, invite them to seek within for creative ideas to make money or get whatever it is in some other way.
5/ True abundance includes Inner Wealth. This is the richness of positive feelings that you can carry with you on a permanent basis - joy, awe, love, wonder, excitement... When you have inner wealth the outer wealth usually follows. This is because when you live in a state of inner wealth you have balance, you live off your means (your outgoings are less than your income), you are grateful and enjoy the simple pleasure of life, you don't need to have a lot of 'stuff', you are prioritized and patient. You know that all you have is all you need, and that all you truly need or desire is on its way to you. You already have the feelings of being rich.

6/ Money provides you with opportunities, possibilities and choice. Abundance means also fostering positive inner qualities such as peace, joy, clarity, love,health, order, wisdom, power...which will come about through your children's focusing attention on positive ideas such as friendships, health, good grades and learning new skills. 'Where attention goes, energy flows'.
I hope this has given you some food for thought as you struggle with working out your belief system and what you want to pass on to your children.
But for now - Live Simply Abundantly!
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  1. A well written post about an important topic.

    The reality is that for those of us reading this blog (literate computer users if not computer owners), we are truly rich. In the scheme of world wealth, we have all we need and then a whole lot more.

    Paul (New Testament Bible) talked about being content because he had food and clothing. Wow. He didn\'t even include a home in that equation. Amazing.

    The more we have the more we want and the more discontent be become. It\'s true. So giving our kids more makes them more discontent.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jimmie.
    All comments are truly appreciated and make my day!