'Inspiring you so you can be an inspiration to your children'

The intention of this website is to help you to get enthused about your calling as a mother, to lift your mothering to a new level and to help you create the life you truly desire for yourself and your family.

This site is an excellent resource to help you on your journey.

What will this website do for you?

A daily visit to Inspiration For Mothers.com will inspire you to:
  • mother from your Higher Self
  • spread joy in your family every day
  • be energized and ready to inspire your kids
  • live everyday with a feeling of excitement about what you are doing
If you are not looking to be inspired, motivated, uplifted and enthused, then this web site is not for you!

There is no greater work in life, no greater spiritual practice, no better way to create positive change in the world than through the guidance and raising of your children.

'Uplifting you as you do the work of Spirit here on earth'

In order that we as mothers will be able to give to our children we must first fill ourselves up. It is like the instructions given to you by the air stewards when you fly; first put on your gas mask and then when you have a good oxygen supply, you will be better able to help your children put on theirs.

Well, the free articles and information on this site will act as your oxygen so that you will be better equipped and in a better state of mind to direct and advise your children from a place of inner peace.

'Raising the status of mothering from mundane to sacred'
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  1. What a beautiful message... thank you for this wonderful website.

  2. Just found this site tonight! I'm so grateful to God that I did! I was in need of some Inspiration tonight and thought of the words 'Inspiration for Mothers'. When I found this site I knew God led me here. I too am blessed to have 3 lovely souls to guide, love and protect. Joshua, Jude and Jacob are my 3 boys. All 3 were born in March. My oldest is 8 and was born on March the 3rd. My twins were born on March the 9th. :). Thank you for reminding me what a privilege it is to be a Mother and the Joy we can receive from our children when we encourage the lights that are shining within them. :)

  3. Hi I just found this site as I was browsing for quotes that can empower mothers. What a beautifully written article!

    I love this quote: 'Raising the status of mothering from mundane to sacred'. Thank you for providing this source of 'oxygen' to all mothers - across the world!

    Be Blessed :)

    Viola Tam - The Business Mum