Giving yourself the gift of health

If you do not take time for yourself to give yourself joy and self-care your well will run dry and you will have nothing left to give.

Breastfeeding acts as a great analogy for us mums. When you breastfeed your child you give from the very essence of who you are. When you are rested and nourished you have the best quality milk for your child.

In life as when breastfeeding you must believe you have something to give.

When you believe you have something of worth to give and you have taken the time to love and care for yourself, then those who come into contact with you, most importantly your children, will feel the benefits.

Fill yourself up with:
  1. exercise - something you love (swimming, walks in nature, yoga, trampolining...)

  2. meditation - just taking a few minutes to concentrate on your breathing or giving your undivided attention to one thing (a candle's flame, a leaf falling, your child...)

  3. sex - in a state of relaxation and surrender

The state we reach in these activities is the same state reached through sugar, drugs and other 'highs'.

When we allow ourselves to relax and give ourselves joy we give ourselves health.

It really is that simple.

I don't know about you, but I would like to be around long enough to see my children grow and be whole and healthy enough to be active in their upbringing.

You can begin easily by just taking a couple of minutes when you wake in the morning and smiling into your heart.

See what comes up -

  • What do you feel passion and desire for?
  • What do you really feel like doing today?

If you continually act and do stuff just so you don't feel guilty you will end up with heart ache and physical heart pains - give from the heart what feels good in your heart and the milk of human kindness will overflow...

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