3 Ways To Be Present With Kids

Yet another boring day with the kids? Wondering how you're going to get through the next 8 hours?

These 'boring' days are the days you are being asked to get creative!

Remember that this 'thing' you're doing - being at home all day with little kids - it's not just you slobbing around the house for yet another long day with nothing much in particular to do. This is your Higher Calling. This is the work of Spirit.

On those days when you find yourself frustrated because you have to be 24/7 with the kids and you don't get time for you and your stuff, then make it your stuff.

There is no better spiritual practice than being 100% present with your child.

There is a quote that says 'God couldn't be everywhere at once so he invented mothers'. It is a sacred job you undertake, though some days it feels far from it.

So challenge yourself on these days just to be present in all your activities with your children - it's not as hard as it sounds. From moment to moment living in the Now. This is the truest portal to happiness and enlightenment.

3 ideas for ways to challenge yourself and start working out your spiritual muscle are:
  • Noticing the little things that your kids do that knock you off balance and upset you, when you begin to react instead of acting from your peaceful core. The challenge is: what could you possibly do or say that could bring me anger?
  • Saying 'yes' as much as possible (without endangering the child's health or safety!). It's easy to get into the habit of continually saying 'no' or limiting the child's choices because you're working on autopilot. Really listen to what your child is asking - maybe going with the child's flow will be fun and open you up to new experiences.
  • Challenge yourself from minute to minute to see the abundance that the day brings you, instead of the lack.
Now that sounds like a great day to me! A day of growth for you and a day of having a fun, attentive and relaxed mother for your child...
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