Discipline, 'disciplinus', means learner, a disciple.

Your child is your disciple and you must be a leader worthy to be followed.

The goal in disciplining your child is for him or her to learn self-discipline in order to have a happy, productive adult life.

Our children's ability to direct themselves strengthens as they grow and they begin to internalise the discipline they learned when they were small.

Now, us mothers are only human, we make mistakes, we are learning how to parent and we have unresolved issues from our past.

However, this does not resolve us of responsibility for our actions. We are also responsible for our own growth.

We are responsible for becoming more and more aware and conscious so that our actions are more and more conscious and we react less and less unconsciously when we deal with our children.

Do not expect the child to get the lesson first time. Expect to have to patiently repeat the lesson over and over.

Learning self-control and how to make good choices is a process. Have patience with your children.
  • Let them know that you trust that they will make better choices as they grow.
  • Talk to the kids about 'poor choices' and 'inappropriate behaviour'.
Do you want her to be full of anger?
No, then you need to love her even when she doesn't love up to your expectations.

"You might adore your daughter when she's behaving properly, but it's how you treat her when she's misbehaving that reveals your compassion or lack of it." - Naomi Aldort.

In order to give unconditional love you must first feel comfortable about yourself so that you are able to control your anxiety and behaviour.

Let your child express his anger though, then it doesn't get forced down into passive-aggressive behaviour.


  • I trust that my child will make better choices as she grows
  • My child is already making better choices
  • I take responsibility for the way I treat my child
  • I learn from my mistakes
  • I am learning how to be the best mother I can be
  • I am responsible for my own growth
  • I am the best mother I can be right now
  • As I learn more I do better
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